How it started


We wanted a product so discreet no one would ever notice, but so clean you wouldn't care if they did

With a passion for health and performance, we’re always experimenting and trying to eke out a bit more from life. We often check in on the pros to see what’s new, what’s hot, who has the best routine. We were surprised to find out how many athletes, high performers, and hard chargers alike use nicotine. Naturally most people are not too eager to admit that nicotine plays a role in their life, as it’s surrounded by stigma. We asked ourselves, can we make a nicotine product that’s stigma free?

Years of iterations later, we have an entirely natural and clean product. As discreet as a breath mint, Nic Nac is free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, and colors. Use it anywhere you need an edge whether it’s in the gym, office, or on an airplane. Enjoy your nicotine stigma free, and Crush Your Vice.

Nicotine Reimagined


Nicotine so clean your mom would approve

Nicotine just got a much needed rebrand. No more hiding vape clouds and sneaking pouches. We're taking nicotine back.

Have your cake and eat it too


Get after it

For late nights. For early mornings.
For clarity. For cool down.
For play. For performance.
For innovation. For relaxation.
For hard times. For good times.
Life is better with the one and only clean nicotine.