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Naturally Better Nicotine

Premium nicotine lozenges without artificial sweeteners, microplastics, or harsh pH adjusters.

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These are my “get in the saddle” workhorse mints. Clutch for dialing in focus. 100% recommend.

Perfect way to get a clean nicotine fix. No spitting, no pouches, and more discreet. Blood orange is my go to flavor.

I am so happy Nic Nac exists, it feels great having a nicotine product that isn’t full of chemicals and tastes good too. Big fan!

Nic Nac





Naturally better Ingredients

We do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or fillers.


Our product completely dissolves - no slimy pouch.

Unrestricted Enjoyment

Nic Nac can be used discreetly anytime, anywhere.

Smoke Free - Spit Free

Get your nicotine, but with fresh breath & no offensive smoke and odors.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our product packaging is made with plant-based and biodegradable bioplastics.

Non-Tobacco Nicotine

Nic Nac is formulated with clean non-tobacco nicotine.