Crush Your Vice

All natural nicotine mints. No artificial sweeteners or flavors. Made with xylitol and real essential oils.

"I've been using nicotine for about seven months now as a nootropic, something that you periodically use when you're going to focus on learning, memory, and even before exercise. I think it's important again to disentangle cancer and the problems linked with smoking and talk more about the benefits. So as a nicotine user myself, I use Nic Nac Natural"

Mike Mutzel
MS Human Nutrition & Host of High Intesity Health

"Five simple ingredients like xylitol, proven to help teeth and be actually beneficial to gut biome, non-tobacco nicotine, essential oils. Super simple, super easy, Nic Nac mints. Thank you guys for helping me taper off nicotine."

Jeremy Jackson
BJJ Champ

"I'm gonna let you in on my new secret weapon, Nic Nacs. I popped one of these bad boys yesterday and in 2.5 hours I wrote 13 scripts and then I filmed them all, and that is 150% increase in productivity."

Samuel Johnston
Fitness & Nutrition Coach

"Did some research and was appalled to find out that the nicotine lozenges I was using are known to cause rampant decay most likely due to the aspartame and mannitol. Anyway, thank you for creating a product that not only satisfies my nicotine, but also contains xylitol which has been proven in clinical studies to protect the teeth against cavities."

Shelly G.
Dental Hygienist

Nic Nac





All-Natural Ingredients

We do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or fillers.


Our product completely dissolves - no slimy pouch.

Unrestricted Enjoyment

Nic Nac can be used discreetly anytime, anywhere.

Smoke Free - Spit Free

Get your nicotine, but with fresh breath & no offensive smoke and odors.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our product packaging is made with plant-based and biodegradable bioplastics.

Non-Tobacco Nicotine

Nic Nac is formulated with clean non-tobacco nicotine.


Some cherry-picked studies for your perusal.

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