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  • Natural Ingredients

    We use 6 simple, natural ingredients to make delicious Nic Nacs.

  • 100% Guarantee

    If you don't love Nic Nac, we will refund on your first 5-Pack, just pay shipping.

  • Made in the USA

    We are a family-owned company, proudly making Nic Nac in Spokane, WA.



These are my “get in the saddle” workhorse mints. Clutch for dialing in focus. 100% recommend.

Perfect way to get a clean nicotine fix. No spitting, no pouches, and more discreet. Blood orange is my go to flavor.

I am so happy Nic Nac exists, it feels great having a nicotine product that isn’t full of chemicals and tastes good too. Big fan!