WARNING: This product contains non-tobacco nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



With a passion for health and performance, we’re always experimenting and trying to eke out a bit more from life. We often check in on the pros to see what’s new, what’s hot, who has the best routine. We were surprised to find out how many athletes, high performers, and hard chargers alike use nicotine. Naturally most people are not too eager to admit that nicotine plays a role in their life, as it’s surrounded by stigma. We asked ourselves, can we make a nicotine product that’s stigma free?

Years of iterations later, we have an entirely natural and clean product. As discreet as a breath mint, Nic Nac is free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, and colors. Use it anywhere you need an edge whether it’s in the gym, office, or on an airplane. Enjoy your nicotine stigma free, and Crush Your Vice.


People have been consuming nicotine a very long time. Much like caffeine, nicotine can be found in a variety of plants, including potatoes and eggplants. Tobacco of course has been the decided source of nicotine for as long as people have been seeking its effects. It may seem obvious to us, but it wasn't so obvious smoking and chewing were bad for you just a few decades back. Enter vape, which became the darling replacement of the now vilified traditional sources of nicotine. It would only take a couple of years to addict another generation to nicotine and learn that vape may have been another societal mistake. The jury is still out on Tobacco Free, but at a minimum it eliminates all the dangers associated with combustion and directly inhaling a cocktail of chemicals directly into the blood stream. Nic Nac has taken things one step further by eliminating potentially harmful ingredients like sodium carbonate, and eliminating much of the stigma around nicotine consumption. We'll see what the future holds, but our money is on Tobacco Free. 


Xylitol is a natural sweetener commonly derived from birch trees and corn cobs. It's about the same sweetness as table sugar and 60% the calories with negligible glycemic load. It cools as it dissolves, which we find compliments the natural nicotine sensation nicely. Dentists love xylitol, and it seems to be in all the best toothpastes and gums. Do your own research, but we're sold on xylitol. Obviously you'd never give nicotine to your pet, but we'd like to remind you that xylitol is toxic to dogs (xylitol does not impact blood sugar in humans, but for some strange reason makes dogs hypoglycemic). 



When it comes to flavoring, Nic Nac opted for the top shelf. Food grade essential oils are natural plant extracts that provide authentic, rich flavor. Unlike natural flavors that fall flat compared to real plant extracts, essential oils take you right to the source. Not to mention, people have used essential oils for centuries for purported oral benefits. 


Artificial sweeteners are reviewed and approved by the FDA as safe. You'll find artificial sweeteners in the large majority of Tobacco Free products, especially Acesulfame Potassium (Acesulfame K), Aspartame and Sucralose. The FDA states that certain individuals can be sensitive to these sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are typically high intensity, coming in at 200 times the sweetness or more than that of sugar. This also means they're very cheap because you need such a small amount. That tiny amount leaves a void that must be replaced with a filler. For those of us that don't consume artificial sweeteners, or even generally avoid them, you find they don't taste very good. At the end of the day, we wanted to provide our customers the best possible product, so we skipped the cheap artificial ingredients.



In most oral nicotine products you'll find sodium carbonate present, often specifically labelled as a pH adjuster. Sodium carbonate, not to be confused with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), is an alkaline chemical used to increase oral pH, which speeds up nicotine absorption. The downside of including pH adjusters like sodium carbonate is the potential to damage the gums through repeated, albeit very mild, alkali burns. The repeated use may irritate the gums by eroding the mucus layer, which may even result in lesions. Everyone has heard the myth that there's fiberglass in chew. We think sodium carbonate might be where that idea came from. It also tastes horrible. Safe to say, you won't find it in Nic Nacs. 


Tobacco Free pouches are on the rise. And generally speaking, that's a good thing. Everyday more people are switching from smoking, chewing and vape to Tobacco Free. The problem with pouches is they're gross. Just like cigarette butts, they end up on the sidewalk or worse, sitting on the lip of a can. They're not exactly convenient for work or other social settings where you embarrassingly need to pull a slimy pouch out of your lip. They're not even particularly subtle to use in the first place. Nic Nac is like a pouch without the pouch. Easy to use anywhere, it looks like a mint, and dissolves completely, eliminating the awkward pouch disposal and replacement. 



We hate throwing plastic in the garbage, and plastic recycling isn't always available nor the most effective solution. That's why all Nic Nac cans are made from biodegradable, plant-based bioplastics. Here's a sustainable solution so you can toss it in the garbage and not worry about it hanging around like conventional plastic.